Phoenix Home Offer

For over 30 years, we’ve helped thousands of people all across the Valley in selling their homes fast for cash. We have our own private funding source of capital so you don’t have to worry about us qualifying for a traditional bank loan. Simply put, we buy faster with less hassle. What we continue to hear over and over again, is that when we negotiate a price on your home, that is exactly how much you get in hand at the close of escrow, PERIOD! Here at and, we buy your home in an “AS IS” condition and pay all closing costs with absolutely “NO FEE’S” whatsoever on your part…WE PAY FOR EVERYTHING! So whether you want to buy, sell, or invest, we are here to help your dreams turn into a reality. Please contact us today for your free, no obligation quote, or fill in the two question form on the home page and push send. We will contact you quickly to discuss the offer for your home! Thank you very much in advance. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Here at we pride ourselves on revitalizing neighborhoods in the Phoenix metro area. Our master rehabilitation concepts for the homes are exceptional. We focus with great detail, on our workmanship on both the interior and exteriors of each project.

Secondly, there are many scenarios that we find are common in today’s world. Here are just a couple of examples.

We have found that a lot of Americans during the economic downturn have found themselves in a situation, because of credit issues, are not able to refinance their homes now that the adjustable rate mortgages are coming due. They need to sell quickly and pull their equity out!

Another common scenario is job instability. These days homeowners have found themselves in a situation of non-payment on their mortgages, sometimes 60 or 90 days late and have been served a notice of foreclosure. Sadly, when a homeowner is in this situation it is a race against the clock to get the equity out of there home before the foreclosure process comes to fruition.

Instead of listing your home with a realtor and then putting up a sign, having people come in and out of your home constantly, only to find out that after you get a contract they will be requesting a thorough inspection of your home. Guess what usually happens next? They want you to fix all the items or reduce your price so they can get someone out there that can. Lastly, there will be a commission due to your agent and also closing costs, which will all be reduced from your sales price. So what we have found is that most homeowners think they are getting one price for their home but after price reductions the check they get in their hand leaves them disappointed.

Here’s the good news! That is where we come in. We here at make it very simple for homeowners. We never charge a commission and we always pay all the closing costs. Our inspection period is little to none. We bring our contractor in to see what kind of upgrades we would need to put into the property as to bring the most value to the home and the community.