An Alternative to Phoenix Estate Agents

Until now, estate agents have been the only way to sell your Phoenix property. The traditional way to sell was to enlist and agent and wait until they could find a buyer who was able to get finance to buy your property.

The main problem with this is that agents are only taught 1 method to sell your property, and it is price driven. If the property is not selling, reduce the price, reduce the price, reduce the price! Then, on top of getting you a lower price, you also need to pay them a commission!

Naturally there are other choices. If you sell through Cash For Your Home AZ you can choose to sell it;

  1. Quickly for a Cash Price
  2. Sell it at Full Mortgage or Asking Price to us
  3. Or Let us help you sell it Fee Free

Which ever way you chose, you can rest assure you will be able to sell it absolutely FEE FREE!

Or you could choose an estate agent…

We all know the process of selling through a Real estate agent in Phoenix. You select a couple of them, who value your property and you then select the one you want to instruct (usually the one who promises to get you the highest price). Someone then comes out to take photos, they put your property on the web and possibly into the local or national newspapers and then you wait.

It is not unusual for it to take at least 6 months for a property to be sold via an Estate Agent and in many cases even longer, in the current market. You must first pay for up front estate agency fees which some estate agencies will charge even if they do not manage to sell your property. If they do manage to sell your property estate agents can charge up to 4% fee on the sale price achieved for the property.

Even before paying these fees people often end up spending a considerable amount of money repainting, gardening and generally trying to get their homes into the best condition they can in order to assist the sales process, with no guarantee that a sale will happen.

Selling houses in Phoenix can be stressful at the best of times but, in this current climate selling property has become, in many cases an extremely stressful process.

Although selling Phoenix property through Estate Agents has become the normal and obvious way to sell property it is not necessarily the best way for you and your circumstances.

If an Estate Agent does manage to find buyers who are interested in purchasing your property, this is only the first hurdle, there are many external factors that can upset the applecart and prevent the sale actually occurring.

This is not necessarily the fault of the Estate Agent but, simply a culmination of uncontrollable factors. Just because a buyer is interested in purchasing your property, it does not necessarily mean they have the finance available to buy it. And in today’s market there is no guarantee they will manage to secure the necessary mortgage to enable them to actually purchase the property.

Even if the buyer does find a lender prepared to offer them a mortgage, if they are tied up in a chain and relying on the sale of their own property to enable them to purchase yours, there is always the possibility (which in today’s market his highly probable) that somewhere along the line there will be a break in the chain, that will potentially affect the buyer’s ability to purchase your house.

There are many other external factors that could affect a successful sale, such as the surveyor’s findings that a purchaser may have done on the house prior to the final signing of contracts.

During the lengthy purchasing process the purchaser may find another property. And that is not even mentioning a new practice that is currently sweeping through the property market – it is being labelled “Gazundering” (the opposite of “Gazumping”). Gazundering happens in a falling market, like the one we are currently in – the market falls further during the negotiation process and the purchaser at the last minute offers an even lower price than was originally agreed and the seller feels forced to agree through sheer desperation having finally managed to get this far through the process.

Many people have spent monies making their property look as attractive and saleable as possible, paid estate agency fees to get their property on the Estate agent’s books. Had lots of people looking round with no offers made or some offers made but subsequently falling through; during this time the market is continuing to fall. Ultimately, to be advised by the Estate Agent that it may be worth dropping the price of the house to encourage more interest or facilitate a quick sale. All this while you also have to continue making mortgage repayments.

Ok so there are lots of pitfalls selling home fast in Phoenix through an Estate Agent, but you didn’t think this was the only way to sell a property did you?

Now you know 3 better ways to sell your Phoenix property Fast!