Do You Need to Sell But Your House Needs a Ton of Work? [Reblogged]

When you have other stuff going on in your life, stuff that takes time and money, getting around to making repairs on your house sometimes just doesn’t seem to happen in the time you would like it to. Then you get to the point when you need to sell the house, fast, and the effort and cost to get it into shape seems overwhelming.

Houses that have not been taken care of, for whatever reason, often need a lot of work. Sometimes it’s just cosmetic things, such as carpet cleaning, touch-up painting, landscaping, etc. But oftentimes, it’s more than that….broken appliances, outdated kitchens/bathrooms, bad wiring or plumbing, new roof, etc. Sometimes, what starts out as a simple repair turns into a major nightmare.

We have years of experience in buying homes that need work: some need just a little TLC while some need $30,000 or more in renovations. To give you some idea of what it costs to do renovations in a mid-sized home in Colorado Springs, here are some examples:

Home Repair Estimated Cost:

  • New Roof : $7000
  • Update Kitchen: $10000
  • Update Bathroom: $6000
  • Paint Interior Rooms: $6000
  • Paint Exterior: $5000
  • New Furnace: $2500
  • New A/C: $3200
  • Replace Carpet: $5500
  • Repair/Refinish Hardwood floors: $4000
  • Misc Repairs: $2000
  • Appliances: $3500


Complete Rehab $54,700.00

One or more of these necessary repairs, when added to the cost of listing and selling with a real estate agency, could seriously deplete whatever profit you are looking to make in the sale of your house.

We can eliminate a lot of these costs by buying your house in as-is condition, and allow you to walk away without the hassle of dealing with any of it.

We have bought houses in all kinds of conditions….holes in walls or ceilings, water-damaged ceilings or basements, horrible looking yards, peeling paint inside and out…even from hoarders who have so much junk in their homes it’s hard to walk from front to back. In fact, you can go to our website and see for yourself. If you’re embarrassed by the condition of your home, WE DON’T CARE. We are experienced in overlooking the obvious and seeing what can be done.


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