How to Sell Your Home Without a Realtor

Home is where the heart is. You leave no stone unturned in keeping it in the most perfect manner so that it gives you the best of comfort every time.  But as life moves many times we have to actually let go of our property. Well reasons could be many. One might be planning for a bigger home or another could be relocating to a new city or simply, one could be going through a financial crunch and could be planning to sell off the property to get some financial help.  All said and done the entire focus in such a scenario is on finding a good buyer for your property and that too fast.
Sell you home yourself and save realtor fee
Generally the buying and selling of property is handled by agents who with the help of their database find an apt buyer for you. Not only this they present the house in the most befitting manner so that the prospective buyer feels that the showcased property is a must buy.  But as it says everything comes for a price the same way the real estate agent comes with a big commission price tag. This makes the whole exercise a very expensive affair. However, one can actually save upon this expense and add  it to one’s kitty.

Being your own agent

Becoming an agent for your own house is a very thoughtful job. It definitely requires a little skill but it is something which can be carried out with lot of ease, especially for the fact that the house belongs to you. You know where the house lacks and like a smart seller you can easily cover up the gray areas. However, on a serious note there are a few areas that need attention as you go about becoming selling your house on your own.

  • Carry out a good research of the market and the price range in which you look forward to put your house in. This price range will be dependent on the size of the property, the location where it is, the age of the construction and definitely the architectural design. Your asking quote should neither be too high making it an impractical one and people don’t take it seriously. On similar line it should not be too low that gives you a non profitable deal. In this case you will of course close the deal fast but it will in no way be a successful one. Rate comparison is one thing which one must do but do keep in mind this comparison should be of similar properties.
  • Carry out all the repair work on the property which you think is required. If need be you can get painting done as well in the house to give a perfect impression of the property.
  • Carry out a good photo shoot of the property to add to the portfolio. This further helps in advertising of the property before it is sold.

One thing which helps immensely in closing a deal successfully is the art of negotiations and the experience of handling documents further works in your favor to close the deal successfully.

At the end of the day, nothing is impossible; all you need to be is be confident by putting your best foot forward.


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